watec lens uk supplier

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watec lens uk supplier

Post by risingfriend » 01 Jun 2013, 13:59

is there a decent uk supplier of lens for watec 902h for behind scope used on a mamba 4x16x50 and should I go for a 16mm or 25mm lense etc sorry for the questions and I know the search button is my friend but I now even more confused. Also what cables do you use and from where ATB Aaron

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Re: watec lens uk supplier

Post by chas » 01 Jun 2013, 14:15


I prefer the 1/2" format lens considering the 902 has a 1/2" chip, but others say 1/3" is ok, your choice.
Things can vary a bit but a rough guide below.
12mm should give a round image within the screen.
16mm should give you full crosshairs with black corners from the circular lens onto a screen.
25mm should give slightly enlarged crosshairs filling the whole screen.

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