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Post by some bloke » 21 May 2012, 15:42

toxo wrote:
some bloke wrote:Have you looked into it? - and are you talking LED or lasertoxo?
I thought I read on here that it didn't matter! Infrared is infrared is it not and although it's more concentrated in a "laser", it's still the same wavelength is it not? If it's the concentration that's causing people to be at risk then they should all be banned because this whole NV thing is about getting it out there far enough to see things at distance.

You THOUGHT you read it did'nt matter? Could you find that bit for me please? Considering you THINK you read things that might be a bit too subtle I'll be blunt - because sometimes being blunt is an act of kindness in a rough glove.

Infra red is indeed infra red regardless of how concentrated it is - that is absolutely correct. Regarding the highly collimated focused concentration: As far as I am aware, IR laser designators and illuminators are supplied with warnings either printed on the actual device - and/or on an enclosed date sheet. Have you read all the posts in this thread or just skipped through them and now want to blame someone else for your lack of awareness now you have found somewhere to pounce? Did you selectively miss-read the title of this thread by some strange chance? As for banning far reaching covert light sources: How would you feel if far reaching rifles and ammunition were banned for the same reasons - they don't come with warnings about dangers of looking down the barrel when you squeeze the trigger either

some bloke wrote:There's plenty of informed opinions on here and around the tinternet. Being as you have converted one that was obvious when it was on or off you'll have to see if it's on or off with your Nv device.
I, along with a lot of others am still experimenting and my torch isn't rigged up with my rifle/c/corder yet and until I read this thread I had no idea that any of it was dangerous.

I hope that supposedly 'lot of others' swapping visible laser diodes for invisible laser diodes had more sense than you to be fair and yes, blunt is the best way to put it because it might get through the reading material they might be ignoring. I have much sympathy for your potential predicament. Its very unfortunate you didn't search 'tinternet before modifying a visible output one to one that the human eye can not see very easily: With respect, the worldwide web has oodles and oodles of safety warnings about them.
Can I suggest you go for an eye examination?

some bloke wrote:That could explain why IR illuminators them have ikkle led's to let the user know when it's on, don't you think? 8-)
OK, i'll avoid calling you a smartass (with a smiley of course) but many people won't know this, myself included. There are a lot of people who are messing with this stuff for the first time and have never seen one.
For the record I've just bought one of these also (260916463644) and it certainly doesn't have any on/off indicator.

If you are seriously raising awareness of the dangers involved I would have thought the very very first line of this thread should be and i'm not shouting.

"If you are working with infrared DIY devices MAKE SURE ANY DEVICE YOU END UP WITH HAS AN ON/OFF INDICATOR you know, ONE OF THEM IKKLE LEDs (sorry, couldn't help myself) .


To be fair - I was being mildly condescending that your first post on this forum was complaining to us that you were unaware of the dangers in regard to fiddling about with laser diodes. It is an unavoidable fact that you, being 'tinernet aware and enabled ought to have researched your project. I also, to be frank rather than a smartass, find it quite ridiculous that you could find your way round 'tinternet looking for IR laser diodes - and reading about IR laser illuminators - in order to convert one, without coming across umpteen warnings. :o

Your suggested thread title... As explained elsewhere, IR Laser devices are supplied with prominent warnings. I doubt you can buy an IR laser diode in this country without the warnings. LASER SAFETY is in my opinion a perfect title for this thread

And you still haven't answered the question of why the prey animals are not running away screaming and clutching their eye sockets where their sight used to be?

I'd hazard a guess that's because they either havent realised their eyes may have been damaged. I say "may" because they are some distance from the light source so it may not be making them scream or rub there eyes. They may be temporarily nite-eye blind and wondering why - but if they are unaware of the shooters presence, rather than a light they may be curious about they'd have no reason to run off. Personally, I have yet to see any rabbit running on it's hind legs.

I don't have a science degree. I'm just a fella who likes things to make sense in a common sense way and there are too many loose ends here.
I'm not a scientist either, and I don't know any of anyone that qualified driving taxis on overnight shifts. The loose ends are in your mind, warnings about the dangers are there for those who can take in what is written here.
I shall now aplogise for the bluntness of my post - but to be fair the bluntness might be noted a bit more than the posts by better word smiths than me - which somehow seem to have escaped your attention.

The device that you have just bought: (808nm 250mW IR Laser Focusable Dot Module) is not very covert, you should be able to see a slight glow if you point it at a close up light coloured wall in a darkish room. Your torch mod is likely to be an LED rather than a laser



Post by PESCA » 21 May 2012, 17:38

Not blunt, Dave, just nicely put and to the point.


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Post by Gloop » 22 May 2012, 20:24

I wish I understood electrickery then I could play too. I have to settle for buying off the shelf. Have to settle on my grinder. Now if anyone can bend some sheet metal for me..
I digress from the thread somewhat.......sorry :D

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Post by snoopy » 23 Jun 2012, 22:27

is there any info on these diode types regarding blinding effects, similer white ones can exseed 300-350 milliamps at 3,6 volts...very birght to look at, on par with CREE leds. ... 3a764d95ec
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Post by sedstar » 01 Jun 2013, 02:58

the main danger with IR,aser or LED, as i know you are all aware... is that becaise the light is largely (or wholly) invisible, your BLINK reflex cant save or help you.

neither will your IRIS of your eye contract in the presence of the STRING light source... since its invisible, your light is openng UP, rather makign matters worse.

Lasers when collimated to a SPOT are the most dangerous. You are concentrating the power of a large flood spotlight... ALL onto one tiny spot. Rather like taking a magnifying glass, pointing it at the SUN... lookig THRU IT... and fiddling wth focal length until you find JUST the right distance that does to your RETINA what happens when you burn an ANT.

thats with a SPOT.

focused to a FLOOD... the way illuminators are normally uses? They are still quite dangerous, but not NEARLY so much as when fully collimated to a spot.

as a rough estimate? to get the same illumination at twice the distance... you need roughly 4 times the illumination power per square inch... to equal the intensity.

power is inversely proportional to distance. If its BLOODY DANGEROUS at 1 meter? Its about 1/4th as dangerous at 2 meters... and 1/16th as dangerous at 4 meters... and so on...

but THAT is when the focus is to, say..... 13 degrees to match the 3x power on a scope at all ranges. Thats NOT to say its anything to get complacent with... some large road sign MIGHT reflect enough back to injure yu at just the right distance. perhaps some DENT in a shiny metal CAN just HAPPENS to be the proper mirror to collimate and reflect...

its no different than reloading centerfire shells.... if you're fiddling wthout any idea what you are doing, well, you get what you get... a darwin award. Just like reloading centerfire? learning what yu are doing, and reading and studying before you begin to "do"... about alleviates the whole risk.

a lot of people, partiularly my ONE friend... they espouse the belief that they are BETTER because they refuse to read instructions, they just DO, and they learn better that way.

perhaps with some, or many, pursuits... this tactic works wonders. I myself LOVE to just play and fiddle, and learn as i go with a hobby. But, i like to read the instructions and the warnings, too.

look... you have a half watt (500 mW) laser on your workbench. You and your mate are out for beers, you both stop in. You go for a squirt of p!$$ and another beers for you two...

...he spies the little "penlight torch" on the table... he picks it up... he flicks it ON...

gee, its not really BRIGHT for a penlight, is it? He does what they all do... they turn it 'round, and look right into it...


unless you FANCY the idea of going round thru life, known as "cyclops"...
Well, I understand that, boys... but see, my CAT gets the silly idea you're making fun of HIM... then he gets, *really* mean...

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Post by techno » 29 Apr 2015, 20:01

Being a newboy to all this, my T20 has a IR led in it, and ive looked down the lens to see if its on or not,have I just cooked my eyeballs?
Ive seen the red grid which glowed faintly red.Your replies are greatly received.

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Post by phoenix » 29 Apr 2015, 23:03

No, you haven't cooked your eyeballs, but don't make a habit of it or you may do some damage.



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Post by MrNewbie » 30 Apr 2015, 01:09

A true laser story, from a few years ago.

I put together a high power laser and mounted on one of the guns. My hunting pal was very impressed. It worked very, very well.
I preached and preached and then preached some more about the danger of this laser and went through every caution in this whole thread with my hunting pal. He was well aware of the eye hazard a 1/2 watt laser poses.

We were at his brothers house one summer night, just drinking a few beers and playing with NV stuff. Without warning, he got up and instead of walking behind, he walked right in front of my gun with the laser ON. (now this is a stupid thing to do at anytime)

Do you know what he did wrong? If you do not, then stay away from lasers!

I went down the whole list of every curse word in the world...A..hole..fn..hole.., you ect..every single colorful name in the world. This did last for several minutes, I was not a happy camper!

He did not understand what he did wrong, as I recall he said something to the effect of, its ok, I know it was on, I was careful, it was pointed at my pant leg, its ok.

Well, what about my eyes? He exposed my eyes to possible laser bounce back at 5 feet. That is what he did wrong!
I could care less about his pant legs... The cursing and bitching continued for quite a while.

You just can't fix STUPID. We all do STUPID too :lol:

Several months later, I started having vision problems in my right eye. The thought was always in my head that it could have been laser related.
As it turns out, I just had a cataract in that eye...a little surgery and its fixed.

The lasers do have a place in the NV world, but be darn careful, it might not even be your mistake.
I for one will not break out the laser if not hunting alone.

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Post by snoopy » 07 Sep 2017, 21:46

i used s reduced voltage ebay red laser, reduced by 1 cell (2 instead of three) just to reduce the football sized sun blair to a small dot, bare in mind i was hip shooting with a riffle at 5yard to 20 yard, used the laser as the aim point and NV GEN1 gogs for veiwing, after three month intencive use i picked up a peace of glass with the eye safe to start with lazer minous 1 cell..the glass bit was half the size of yout little finger nail.. goggles dead the next day, my eyes were 'diferent' too after that.... hurt a bit as the NV glaired bright white and i felt a large blunt poke in the eye..i got wacked by A the intencifier going super nova and the laser reflection also made it through phoserous coating.

they arnt 'actualy' safe are they when you change the the peramiters of use, i.e.the rated permaters are putting a spot on a wall and going ''ooo look at that - a red dot'' lol.
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Post by 3dognight » 28 Nov 2017, 03:34

wow. same here. thank God I found this site & and thread as I get even more into my night vision rigs.
learning a lot here.

techno wrote:Being a newboy to all this, my T20 has a IR led in it, and ive looked down the lens to see if its on or not,have I just cooked my eyeballs?
Ive seen the red grid which glowed faintly red.Your replies are greatly received.

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