Ooh, new shooting truck

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Re: Ooh, new shooting truck

Postby Fox Hunter » 20 Mar 2017, 21:10

rodp wrote:
Fox Hunter wrote:Hmm, not exactly sure on how far..the wind comes down sideways here so 14ft?? :shock: :lol:

I'll have a good measure up when I get a chance (flat out lambing at the moment), I tried a small umbrella once which worked a treat. Guess that was closer to two foot but anything angled slightly downward would be a god send 8-)

You could live to regret that :lol: :lol: :lol: One on each door and you could hang glide down the hills :lol:

Suppose 18" ish would be ok? Just thinking of the wind catching it :think: Send me the measurements and I'll get one knocked up. :thumbup:

It would definitely be faster, with the tyres let down it's still even slow down hill :lol: uphill is covered 'patiently' :lolno:

18" sounds good, I thought about 2ft but I think you're right it would blow too much in the wind. At 18 with the bottom wire in the window gap I think my window bag over the top of the wire it would hold down a fair weight of wind on the sail, especially if the rifle was left resting on the bag.

I've sent you a pm with measurements :thumbup:

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