Black Sun Ruby available to order now!
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Re: Black Sun Ruby available to order now!

Postby lightmesser » 01 Dec 2017, 21:11

sunndog wrote:
blueroll wrote:I am happy to be proved wrong and will check myself but I always thought you could only half press the on button to cycle through the power modes and then continue to click on when selected with the NM.

Yep that works for me, nice one. I think my neck section has been glued up if i remember what the chap told me......we'll see how strong the glue is when i get back to the workshop tomorrow :lol:

NM has forward clicky switch and T series has reverse clicky switch. They behave differently. In flashlight world 80% of people prefer reverse clicky ones because of easier mode cycling through comprehensive mode interfaces (bistro, narsil firmware etc.).

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Re: Black Sun Ruby available to order now!

Postby cliveward » 02 Dec 2017, 14:18

Hi All,

A customer with a Gen 3 MUM behind an IOR recon is using a Black Sun Ruby in a small NM400 single battery and is getting a perfect image at 28x magnification at 500m! 8-)

It will more than likely go further with his setup but he ran out of testing distance. :thumbup:



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