Theoben rapid, what pellet

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Re: Theoben rapid, what pellet

Post by stillair1 » 12 Jan 2016, 21:04

Not quite Dave, most accupells I've tested come up with a slightly smaller head size, not easy to see unless you have a break barrel rifle.

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Re: Theoben rapid, what pellet

Post by snoopy » 14 Mar 2016, 03:39

summut to remember when trying pellets is the skirt size, should be a sticker on the back of the tin with 52 51 or 50 at the end of of it, because one type may be cack, the other may well be wicked, old daystate with bisly mags was cack with the .50's (in .177) but the .51's gave me an extra ten shots and all were very nice.

i have a bsa barrel on mine, but..AAfeilds and jsb heavies work very well (52's for the aa'S..I forget for the jsb heavies). jsb exact worked ok to 45/50 yards..
daystates hevies are ok to the 60 mark but they have weird devient issues compaired to half inch'ing at 80 meters at 11.2fp's with the jsb heavies (in .177)

and yes thats plinking lol..used 10.8 down to 10.3fp's for 12 month with no issues full range...more shots less lift, and quiter. so hey dont knock it lol

accupells were really good...for half a dozen shots, then started flyers and droppers lifts..ffff tried bedding the barrel, tried cleaning it bare, lubing, cleaning, no joy...a real pity i thought but well worth a try if your barrel isnt a BSA sports barrel.
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Re: Theoben rapid, what pellet

Post by slipperneave » 28 Mar 2017, 16:21

HN field target trophys

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