Manual mechanical iris as a dimmer

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Manual mechanical iris as a dimmer

Post by snipertez » 08 Oct 2017, 08:54

I've decided that I'd like to be able to dim right down my lovely powerful and bright 850nm ir torch.

This seems to be a general issue for many.

Now, l only want to shoot at short (3-5m upto max 25-30m) ranges, rabbits and rats, so would like to turn the light right down all the way when shooting at only a few metres. As well as generally having the light as dim as possible for each situation as needs be.

After looking at the options open to me and some (torches with rotary dimmer swtches for example) being silly money, lve wondered if a simple mechanical iris connected onto a THA (torch head adapter) could work out well ? The iris's can be picked up off the 'bay from about £12 and this would just be bonded onto a piece of plastic pipe for a simple push fit affair.

In the future l will probably get a 940nm torch or replacement pil as well. And to help me in my pursuit of stealthyness I will use the hood/iris for this combo also.

The only issue l can think of presently is possible excessive heat buildup at the torch head ?

Any ideas or comments folks ?

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Re: Manual mechanical iris as a dimmer

Post by snoopy » 14 Oct 2017, 16:15

get a cheepo T6 torch..take the switch out of the tail cap and wangle a jack plug in there with some milliput or something and attach a dimmer at the battery end in your pocket or where ever...

just for images here......... ... .22.L7gAP0 ... 56903.html ... p-377.html

shit comes to bust one of these as a led driver with the dimmer before or after it..(set the volts and amps..then dim away...) ... uct_id=136
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