How to 'repair' a 4715AS pill

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How to 'repair' a 4715AS pill

Postby reindeer » 20 Sep 2017, 14:25

(Some of the) Chinese 4715 AS pills cannot stand the heat when power is accidentally left on after use. I had a few. The British made are defenitely better in this way, probably because of better quality drivers or more heat paste applied.
I thought that probably the driver was fried and that the LED might still be OK.
So I took out the pill, removed the white plastic cover so that the red (+) and white(-) wire are exposed.
I then soldered a connection between the - of the LED and the brass rim of the pill so the driver is bypassed
The LED works again, only in one mode and it is even much brighter than 3 mode T20 in high mode because power is no longer regulated.
The LED receives full power and not only generates more light but also more heat. I tried one running for more than an hour at a stretch and it still is in working order.
So if you want a cheap and brighter 4715AS Mk2, this is a way to go.
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