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Mick a
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Post by Mick a » 06 Sep 2017, 06:17

Hello what's the popular torch at the moment ideally something that I could change pills in from ir to whatever colour in the normal spectrum, will be need to go on fac air and small centre fire rifle .
Cheers guys

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Re: Torch/IR

Post by oaken8 » 06 Sep 2017, 14:35

My first post here and pretty green on NV stuff but I just got a black sun2 for my T20 torch and am stunned at its performance for a little'un. Ideal for air and HMR. Good for over 100yds. T50 if you want to go a bit further. I have a T67 too but it's a big unit and only justified if you need to see a very long way. ... 2x23877897

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