T3 .223 Magazine Worn Out after 200 rounds - resolution

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T3 .223 Magazine Worn Out after 200 rounds - resolution

Post by RoyR » 02 Apr 2018, 10:16

Good Morning Gents,
Thought I'd pass on this T3 magazine information acquired from my long running Thread at the Stalking Directory. It may be of use to some folk here.
Premature wear of the "lips" of the T3 polymer magazine have been known about for nearly 10 years now in other parts of the world, though it appears Main Importers GMK, here in the UK, know little of this problem?

"Mountainstalker" (Australia) recently supplied me with this T3 mag information - QUOTE - "The problem is calibre specific to .223 mostly. worst if you use Lapua brass. Lapua cases chew the plastic lips out as the bolt drives them forward. Tikka here (Australia) replace the original mags with steel lipped factory versions for a small fee. Beretta are well aware of the issue globally, It's been going on for almost 10 years now!
Anyone who's been fobbed-off by their RFD or importers GMK, should now be able to seek redress if they have experienced the same premature wear as my T3 .223 magazines - currently on my 5th replacement, under warranty.
Best regards

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