Reloading the 28 bore

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Reloading the 28 bore

Post by cliveward » 12 Feb 2017, 18:27

Hi All,

Thanks to John at Folkestone Engineering Services dropping in to pick up an IR illuminator the other week, I now have another bloody hobby! :x :lol:

We chatted about shotguns and I let slip that I'm a new fan of the 28 bore, having got one for my kids to use and then promptly stolen it from them for my own use. :lol: John's a big fan of the 28 and suggested reloading it. Apparently it's one of the most expensive cartridges to buy, but the cheapest to reload. :crazy:

So after nabbing a used MEC 600 Jr from Ebay and a quick visit to John's for some supplies, I can now load what I want for the gun, rather than what the shop has in stock...all for the price of the cheapest rubbish 12 bore clay cartridges. :thumbup:

The first load is an out of season clay / pigeon / other furry small things load. 3/4oz of #7 with fibre wad. I gave them a test on the Squirrels at the weekend and I still have all my fingers, rugged good looks and a gun in the requisite number of I was the only one on our team to actually shoot any all in all a success. :thumbup:



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