Digital zoom without using osd?

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Digital zoom without using osd?

Post by bbbrad » 20 Feb 2016, 00:07

Hi there, new to the board. I am wanting to build a simple night vision scopeless system (effio-p ish). I like the idea of having the digital zoom with a fixed lens so that the poi will not change. But i'm not wanting to go into the osd, through the menus just to change the digi zoom every time. I've come across a couple of things that may help me. ... ml?page=18

This is a security camera that can be zoomed without the osd. But this is the only one I could find.

Also I've come across but not been able to refind it, where I found that one particular osd system gave you the option of...
1-having 2 or 3 pages of osd, (like what we are used to).
2-having a single list of osd.
3-having one line at a time at the lower edge of the screen. (that would be cool.)

I hope someone can help me out. Such a pain that these great little cameras we use can do so much, but not easily zoom!!!
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Digital zoom without using osd?

Post by phoenix » 20 Feb 2016, 00:30

You may well have found one of the very few cameras that gives you direct access to their digital zoom feature.
Remember that these cameras are NOT designed for our night vision purposes - they are cctv cameras which are normally fixed in a specific location, set up to produce the best image and then left alone.
Having said that, there was a thread along time ago where someone programmed a PIC controller to electronically replicate the button pushes to get into the zoom menu and to make changes within it.
It should have been a great solution, but the camera it was used on could only handle a slow rate of "button pushes" so although adjusting the zoom was faster, it was not instantaneous.



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Re: Digital zoom without using osd?

Post by Jirka » 20 Feb 2016, 11:09

Some cameras allow control of digital zoom over RS-485, which is faster and more reliable than emulating push buttons. The problem is that most of them are box areas or at least use two PCBs and are rather large compared to our common single-PCB cameras.

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Re: Digital zoom without using osd?

Post by MrNewbie » 22 Feb 2016, 04:42


Do you have a source or at least model number for that camera?

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Re: Digital zoom without using osd?

Post by CustomRifleScopesUK » 24 Feb 2016, 00:09

I did bring out a new camera for the offering which was not quite as good as the ej230 or 700 but close, it had 10 x zoom which 6x was usable
You could access the OSD fast and get it to auto zoom, i did get a batch of them but after i sold them all i didn't get any more as not enough
interest, they were good.

I will try and find the link when i get time :thumbup:

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