Pulsar dsa/flowplast

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poppy mae
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Pulsar dsa/flowplast

Post by poppy mae » 12 Apr 2015, 19:35

Image Instead of hijacking JDK1"s thread, thought about Johns mount with laser attached, stripped and reworked the mount, turned out ok. So left with the other end ( main clamp ) ,so how to attach a flow plast tube ? unscrewed that bung type bit on the main clamp, a bit of fettling, on bung and flowplast , fitted together again,and screws back into the main clamp, not to shabby, so two tidy mounts out of one pulsr dsa, other point is cause there is a lot of room in the main clamp going to try in on a friends mamba,make a little bush then to slide in behind the knurly bezel dioptrer to clamp up tight. But probably end up on the Simmons........

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Re: Pulsar dsa/flowplast

Post by jdk1 » 12 Apr 2015, 21:23

Two mounts from one , thats the way to do it mate :thumbup:

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