my e700 scopeless

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Re: my e700 scopeless

Post by Willos » 29 May 2014, 09:20

The little white connector that goes in the camera body may be loose. Been their got the T.shirt
Another question. Did you cut the thread on the lathe or with a tap.

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Re: my e700 scopeless

Post by ELLIOTT L » 29 May 2014, 13:47

I've been jiggling wires and plugs. It seems to have issues with the IR after about 5 minutes. I will try the setting again and hopefully I will find the problem. The threads were done on a lathe. The lathe is a 1940's model South Bend without metric capabilities but the m42 lens thread is close to a 24 tpi when cut loosely and locks up nicely on the shoulder.

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Re: my e700 scopeless

Post by Jolyman » 20 Mar 2017, 16:58

Hi All ... I guess I'll try a First Post with a bit of Info.

For the 6800mah batteries try Ebay "item number:182492561368" for about $19 US shipped free (with a EU or US charger included).
Mine was delivered in about 2 weeks from China. :thumbup:

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