What can you do with GBP1000?

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Re: What can you do with GBP1000?

Post by rodp » 14 Nov 2017, 20:33

Bruce, I thought it was just a SVA test now if there was no approval already existing? Can't see it being a problem to be honest, but I'm only assuming.
Can have a word with my mate when he comes back if you're interested, he'll know the ins and outs of shipping and registering one?

You don't like land Rovers ............ nah, I would never have guessed :o

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Re: What can you do with GBP1000?

Post by Radagast » 14 Nov 2017, 22:40

Average weekly full time employment wage is around 16,000 Rand.
A lot of that goes in taxes and housing. The average price of a house in Sydney is 12 million Rand.

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Re: What can you do with GBP1000?

Post by Muskett » 30 Nov 2017, 22:54

House prices here are huge. Rent high too. Taxes never been so high. The top 1% of income earners pay 25% of income tax take. Income tax starts at Personal Allowance £11,500 before you start paying. VAT is 171/2 and there are shed loads more taxes to pay like Council Tax. Car Insurance is high. Security pretty good though far from perfect if you believe the newspapers.
But Education is excellent and Health Care too; all free.
Its a higher living standard here.

However, SA is sunny. Some labour is inexpensive. A lot to like. Security poor.

Anyhow, thats pretty boring stuff.
Expendable Income is hard to find after paying all the everyday costs wherever you live. Those with good pensions and children left home are on the whole done well and have disposable income by the bucket load. Not all but those that do really do. Sadly I'm not there yet.

Boys toys with £1,000 budget. Its a consumer world so a lot on offer. British cities are crammed with sales oulets, as is America. Any half decent city or even town would give J Berg a run for its money for pure consumer indulgence.
Being the age I am most of the toys I want cost more than £1k, which is why I don't have them all.

My daughter is working in a pub in London on £7.50 an hour flat out. She wants it for her travels. Sorry I can't equate that to your figures. What would someone behind the bar get?

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