What can you do with GBP1000?

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Re: What can you do with GBP1000?

Postby rodp » 14 Nov 2017, 20:33

Bruce, I thought it was just a SVA test now if there was no approval already existing? Can't see it being a problem to be honest, but I'm only assuming.
Can have a word with my mate when he comes back if you're interested, he'll know the ins and outs of shipping and registering one?

You don't like land Rovers ............ nah, I would never have guessed :o

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Re: What can you do with GBP1000?

Postby Radagast » 14 Nov 2017, 22:40

Average weekly full time employment wage is around 16,000 Rand.
A lot of that goes in taxes and housing. The average price of a house in Sydney is 12 million Rand.

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